KAWASAKI FURY 125CC MotorShow 2009 at Gaisano Mall of Davao


Machine type: 4-step valve SOHC 2
Cilinder number of cc : 124.6cc
Diameter x Step: 56 x 50.6mm
Comparison of Compression: 9.8: 1
Maximum power: 9.9 PS/8000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 8.6 Nm/6000 rpm
Carburettor: Keihin PB18
Starter Starter system: Kick Starter & Electric Starter
Transmission types: Type Rotari
Number of transmission: 4-speed
Pattern transfer Tooth: N-1-2-3-4-N (Rotary)
Gear Type Final Reduction System: Gear
Gear ratio Ke1 3,000 (36/12)
Ke2 1,938 (31/16)
Ke3 1,350 (27/20)
Ke4 1,087 (25/23)
Final Drive System: Chain Drive
Overall drive ratio: 9634 @ TopGear
Ignition system: DC-CDI
Lubricant system: Forced Lubrication
Filter oil system: DFLS (Double Filter Lubrication System)
Lubricant capacity: 1.1 liter
Type of machine oil: API SE, SG, or SF / SAE
Spark plug : NGK C6HSA
Type: Full Frame
Front: Teleskopik - Fork
Back Suspension: Swing Arm Monoshock
Length x width x height: 1,920 x 695 x 970 mm
Distance axis Wheel: 1.240mm
Seat height: 150mm
Julur Depan : 280mm Home back: 280mm
Julur Belakang : 400mm Back back: 400mm
Maximum weight: 104 kg
Front brake: hydraulic, single disc, 2 piston caliper
Back brake: hydraulic, single disc, 2 piston caliper
Tank Capacity: 5.2 liter
Baggage capacity: 4.5 liter
Handle Bar length: 6.95mm
Turn the Corner Bar Handle: 42.5 ⁰
Dimension Front Tire: 70/90-17
Dimensions: Rear Tire 80/90-17
Front 2.50-17 4PR
Rear 2.75-17 4PR
Wheel rim: Cast Aluminum Alloy Wheel
Saat Pembukaan Katup : When Opening Valves:
Open: 20 ⁰ before TMA
Closed: 60 ⁰ after TMB
Duration: 260 ⁰
Exhaust : Exhaust:
Open: 55 ⁰ before TMA
Closed: 25 ⁰ after TMB
Duration: 260 ⁰
Battery: 12V5 AH
Type: Semi Sealed beam
Head lamp: 12V (18/18W) X2
Brake light / brake: 12V (5/18W)
Type: Outer rotor
Average output: 1.6A/16V @ 6000rpm
When ignition: From 10 ⁰ before the TMA @ 1,200 rpm up to 31.5 ⁰ before the TMA @ 4500 rpm
Color: Black metallic, Lime Green, Blue metallic

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