! Prototype Suzuki Satria FU 150


The formation history of Suzuki Satria FU 150 if you duck lovers of motor sports? You should know the story about the origin of the motor duck most "Way" today. Nothing other than there was Suzuki Satria FU 150. Let us walai bit about the Suzuki Satria FU 150, duck "magic" is a sport bike Suzuki moped output. Satria FU 150 arguably best-selling motorcycle in Indonesia today. Then where the story of his background as the creation of the Hyper Underbone this?

Suzuki Satria FU ancestors 150:
Ancestors Satria FU 150, Suzuki RC 100

Suzuki RC100 is the second generation Suzuki RC circulating in Indonesia and the initial formation of base Satria FU. Along with the regeneration made by Yamaha by issuing a series V100E (Yamaha Alfa), Suzuki was released type RC100. As the name implies, this two-stroke engine capacity is 100cc (or 99cc exact) using the same base engine with the RC80. Motor type RC100 is initiated the era of "cold war" between the Suzuki and Yamaha duck duck at Ancol Circuit Racing.

In 1988, Suzuki produced RC100 Sprinter which is a type of duck cock first in Indonesia. Repair front suspension Suzuki ni really boost his career in the RC racing world. In that era, Suzuki RC100 (Sprinter) to compete against Yamaha Alfa (102cc capacity), and arguably the end result is a draw.

However, in the era Senggol market (after the Ancol Circuit closed in 1992) both motors are rarely met in the racing arena in Jakarta (perhaps only at the Road Race organized by Santana). This is caused because each manufacturer is busy with OMR (One Make Race) each and Suzuki already has a kind type RC110 (Crystal) since 1990.

The emergence of The Legend of Knight R 120:

the emergence of the legendary Satria 120 R

R 120 Suzuki Satria appeared in Indonesia around 2002. It was originally based motor duck, but the strength of motor sport. Attraction and good suspension. Even duck-based, knight has some features of motor sport, such as sports gear, manual clutch etc.. So Knight R 120 is not a history berawalnya F. Knight Because the base and body are all different.

Now let's go back to the present when Suzuki Satria FU 150 is selling sweet bath soap: D Satria F 150 first appeared about the beginning of 2005. Knight was re-turn of his fathers namely sprinter RC100. The model is similar to the sprinter, equipped with sports engine, 150cc makes the Satria F 150 as the latest sports ducks. Satria F 150 can be referred to as the Satria FU. The letter "u" here is "the underbone". Satria F150 has arisen as a 'duck magic "among the other ducks.

Birth of New Prototype = Hyper Underbone
After Suzuki GSX-R600 launch in mid-2008, F Suzuki issued a new knight. Satria F 150 currently has the same specifications with the knight in 2005. People often say that the Satria FU 150 is a great motor and phenomenal. Satria FU 150 is still reflecting the ancestor of F namely Sprinter RC100. Satria FU 150 is a small version of the Suzuki GSX. If you do not believe this dibahwah please see his picture:

Satria FU 150 small version of the Suzuki GSX Try to compare it with this:
Prototype Suzuki Satria FU 150

Well .. like it? So that's short story The history of formation of the Suzuki Satria FU 150, if something is missing please share in comments field. Hail the Sorcerer!

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