! Modifikasi Honda S90 1968 For Sale


Blue 1968 Honda S90 th passenger permissions ngelapak yee, mekasih ..
I want to sell Honda S90 1968 blue alert. Effective in lessening the engine (as long at the hands of ane cuman belon never far way, at best, Mampang-Cileungsi)

Kumplit correspondence BPKB vehicle registration, pajek live on my own behalf, the original number plate Units. blue ninja (in the paint about two years ago).

This bike was purchased in a state of material, yangg kira2 to 3 years ago (he heee) and then slowly built painstakingly, knowing the old motor, spart partsnya hese. Now is not kepegang (more fun ngopreks HONDA CB, he hee)

I go to price 5 million, he he he he heee heee. Please negotiable, what's not okay, please just want Nawar sadistic, like Nawar tifis, yes monggo. I just want to escape to the serious yangg, yangg happy, yangg willing to care for and love this bike (Animashaun ON mode).

This is his photo, please be listened to if you want to clear ya see immediately he hee, the position of houses in Tendean, offices in Fatmawati Kingdom). by:kebogiro

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