! Foto Modifikasi Motor Honda Blade Extreme 2011


On mat Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2008, which expired December 14 last, at the Honda booth displayed a modification to the model blade. Modification seemed to be so inspirational to those that already have a 110 cc motor.
Modifications to the displays of Honda Blade was very thick with the aura of racing. Far away with the "look" original Blade. Bodi berlabur combination of red and white, with the front looks more solid. This advance design changes resulting from the use of new types of suspension upside-down forks combined 38-33 mm in size 120/60-17 tires.
The kitchen was closed amid race body made from fiberglass. Dipapas little chair in the back. Between the handlebar and the seat in use colors that seem more sporty black.
Gambar Modifikasi Motor Honda Blade Extreme 2011

Blade figure getting changed when seeing the back side of this motor. Standard tires 150/60 -17 stretchy so. Aura condensed typical output of motor sport are applied to the use of mufflers Honda CBR600 model.

Unfortunately there is no clear specification of engine capacity of this blade, when seen from the use of front discs measure 300 mm double disc that uses 4 piston, and the rear single 220 mm disc size, I think this motor has the ability to more "wild" from siblings

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