! MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger - Sport Extreme 2011


MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger - Sport Extreme 2011

WJS Flow aka West Java Style is continue to bloom in Central Java lap. Minor modifications fighter who popularized by Agus Djanuar of XK Bike Design has also begun spreading in the city of Bogor's Rain.

Like Honda's Lucky Tiger ZM, through workshops Dave Motor Concept (DMC) in Sawangan, Depok try to offer the concept of minor fighter. "Owners want to show the streetfighter motorcycle elegant not too many corners," said Budi Dave as a modifier.

Gambar Modifikasi Honda Tiger - Sport Extreme

Modified Honda Tiger - Sport Extreme

Design head lamp headlamp removable rely moge variation. Let me look so much more sweet, just as an accent lamp cover. Not allowed to cover all parts of the lamp. "The model is designed as windshiled. Let more frightening anymore, taped six bolts L as a detail," proud builder of this slender.


Front tire: 120/70-17 Metzeler
Rear tire: Battlax 160/55-17
Monosok: Honda CBR400
Swng-arm: Honda CBR400
Handlebars: Fatbar
DMC: (021) 68447990

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