! Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki KLX150 Extreme 2011


Want to improve your performance Kawasaki KLX 150? American aftermarket manufacturer, Engines Only offers a package of big-bore kits up to 160cc.

If you become dissatisfied with your KLX150 power, Engines Only offers a package of big-bore stage 2 capacity of 160cc. This package includes high-comp piston kit, head and base gaskets, high duration camshafts and valve spring sets.

Performance of these dapurpacu claimed to improve acceleration power to 16 horsepower with 91 octane fuel and compression perebandingan increased to 11,5:1. Engines Only also offers the K & N air filter and a 28mm Mikuni carburetor and the transmission shifter to further accelerate the shift gear.

These modifications are of course the more support you are doyang adventure in the field of adventure or raced on the track off-road. In Thailand, this package is priced at $ 19.000 baht, or approximately USD 5.7 million. [Ars]

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