! Modifikasi Motor Yamaha RX King Style Green Speed 2010


Modifikasi Motor Yamaha RX King Style Green Speed 2010

Modifications RX King Green Speed Apparently on the island of Bali had ngetrend to modif the jambret. Many nyari to be modified to the extent that the motor is experiencing price increases. Whereas previously the market price of this bike is dropped in Bali. This motor was sold cheaply before ngetrend people are reluctant to buy it very opposite of today. Motor jambret highly sought after and are willing to be redeemed at a premium. One example of modification RX King who became a trend in Bali is just as RX King Ijo of Adi (mew) which is also a member of this Community GTX. Modification of the usual RX King Bali was a young child by changing color and wear more ngejreng telo exhaust with a distinctive voice and the use of tire road race specification. So it can be said of any type of bike, the young Balinese can not be separated from the flow of Racing.

In the RX King above using supertrack swing arm that is lighter than the original. Ban use FDR for Race. 3v3 custom exhaust Tidar. And replace it with green paint ngejreng. With the change in syntax in the motor looks really fresh. Models like this very trendy among the young island of the gods.

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